Sharing the school day one picture at a time... ClassBoard is a free, simple and innovative solution that engages parents in their child’s learning. It allows teachers to quickly and easily share images, videos and documents, giving parents a view of their child’s education as it happens.


Parental engagement is simplified and improved with ClassBoard. Through an easy-to-use App, ClassBoard allows schools to quickly and easily share daily classroom activity and deliver a new level of engagement between students, teachers and parents. ClassBoard allows teachers to instantly connect with parents, brings schools and communities closer and helps support learning at home, exceeding OFSTED expectations.


ClassBoard is simple and flexible. It provides a quick, easy and secure way to increase parental engagement with classroom learning. Parents often find it difficult to know how best to support your teaching at home, and are not sure they’re doing things ‘the right way’. Why not post a video of a calculation method, or of your students practising their phonic skills accurately?


“What did you do in school today?” is a question that all parents ask on a regular basis only to be met with “stuff”, “don’t know” or “can’t remember”. ClassBoard has been created by frustrated parents that want to engage with their children’s classroom learning and get a better understanding of the school day. Through a simple, secure App or web page, you can view photos, videos and documents from teachers and students, keeping you up-to-date with what’s going on in school.